Divorce Mediation

Separate and apart from her legal practice, Stephanie Sousa provides Divorce Mediation Services where her role is solely as a mediator NOT an attorney.

What is the role of a Mediator?

The mediator’s role is that of a facilitator, or coach, to assist the parties with reaching an agreement. The mediator does not act as an attorney and cannot give the parties legal advice. The mediator can give the parties general information, but if either party has a legal question or wants to know their legal rights on a particular issue, then Stephanie Sousa (while acting as a mediator), informs the parties to consult with an attorney. Generally, attorneys will charge an hourly rate for their time for such consultations.

Divorce Mediation - Attorney Stephanie Sousa

How Stephanie Sousa can provide effective divorce mediation to parties:

Mediators are not allowed to give legal advice. In fact, many divorce mediators throughout the country are not attorneys and generally do not, or should not, draft divorce agreements (also known as separation agreements) if they do not fully understand their legal implications when entered as a judgment of divorce. Stephanie Sousa helps to ensure that you are fully prepared for your mediation sessions and her services include preparing reasonable and enforceable divorce agreements.

Mediation speeds up your divorce process, reduces heartache and stress, and controls your costs. Stephanie Sousa helps clients in South Easton, Massachusetts and surrounding areas of Bristol County, Plymouth County, Norfolk County and other counties throughout Massachusetts, realize the full benefits of mediation. Throughout the mediation process, Stephanie Sousa is committed to assisting couples reach a mutually acceptable and reasonable settlement of their divorce.

Please contact Stephanie Sousa if you need further information, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, at 508-238-2100 or 508-286-0010.

What is Mediation and how Mediation works:

  • The parties are in control of the process and they control the outcome of their divorce or family law matter. The mediator is impartial and acts as a facilitator who assists the parties with reaching an agreement.
  • Mediation is voluntary and both parties must agree to enter into mediation in order to commence mediating their divorce matter.
  • Mediation is less adversarial and generally far less expensive than litigating your divorce in court.
  • Generally the parties pay as they go along, thus there is no retainer required.
  • The parties schedule their mediation sessions at their convenience and can end mediation at any time.
  • Mediation allows the parties to end their marriage in a civil and dignified manner, giving them a better chance to successfully deal with each other after their divorce is resolved.
  • If children are involved, the mediation process is less likely to embroil them in the painful conflict.
  • Mediation is private, therefore it keeps your financial and personal information and problems private, not aired in an open courtroom setting.
  • Mediation is an effective alternative to couples facing the longevity, stress and cost of divorce litigation.
  • Generally, a settlement is reached within 4-6 sessions depending on the complexity of the issues. Each session runs between 1-2 hours
  • Included in the services provided by Stephanie Sousa, is the drafting of all documents necessary for filing a No-Fault Divorce.

Please call me at 508-238-2100 or 508-286-0010 to discuss any Massachusetts legal issue(s) in the area(s) of Divorce, Family Law, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, or Divorce Mediation.

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