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My name is Stephanie A. Sousa. I am an attorney dedicated to skillfully representing the rights and interests of clients going through bankruptcy, divorce, and other difficult legal issues.

The people who need my help often feel lost. It’s stressful enough dealing with emotions of fear, loss, failure, sadness, and/or anger, without being overwhelmed by the complexity of their legal problem.

I always take the time to listen with professionalism and empathy. It’s important to me that clients feel comfortable and feel part of the legal process. That is why I make it my practice to explain legal language, documents, and legal proceedings in understandable terms.

Attorney Stephanie Sousa

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Areas of Practice


Many people suffer serious financial problems resulting in mounting debts that are overwhelming and stressful.  Often financial problems result from unforeseen circumstances beyond a person’s control …

Criminal Defense

I have represented hundreds of clients in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, District Courts on charges ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies, including but not limited to, assault and battery …

Divorce & Family Law

Family law cases require gathering lots of personal and sensitive information, as well as financial documentation, during a highly emotional time. Having Attorney, Stephanie A. Sousa, representing you …

Divorce Mediation

Separate and apart from her legal practice, Stephanie Sousa provides Divorce Mediation Services where her role is solely as a mediator NOT an attorney.

What is the role of a Mediator?

The mediator’s role is that of a facilitator, or coach, to assist the parties with reaching an agreement. The mediator does not act as an attorney and cannot give the parties legal advice. The mediator can give the parties general information, but if either party has a legal question or wants to know their legal rights on a particular issue, then Stephanie Sousa (while acting as a mediator), informs the parties to consult with an attorney. Generally, attorneys will charge an hourly rate for their time for such consultations.

Divorce Mediation - Attorney Stephanie Sousa

Client Testimonials

“Do yourself a service and hire Stephanie!”

“Thought I could represent myself in the beginning and after losing big a few times I came to my senses. I consulted 3 lawyers, 2 of which told me that I was pretty much going to be screwed over even with their representation but Stephanie was the only one willing to go to bat for me. I returned to court along side Stephanie and guess what, the ruling was in my favor!!! Thank you Stephanie for your services and for being a consummate professional. To think what would of happened if we never connected, thanks again!” Peter M.

“Hands Down The BEST Attorney EVER!”

“Stephanie is by far one of the best and caring attorney’s that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I don’t let go of this one – will sell a kidney to keep her on retainer for my needs. She’s definitely one you want on your side and not against it. Fair, compassionate, funny, knowledgeable, friendly and tough when she needs to be. She handled my divorce modification and is on radar for a few other things.” Jackie M.

Please call me at 508-238-2100 or 508-286-0010 to discuss any Massachusetts legal issue(s) in the area(s) of Divorce, Family Law, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, or Divorce Mediation.

Stephanie Sousa, Attorney at Law

859 Washington Street, South Easton, MA 02375

508-238-2100 or 508-286-0010

Stephanie Sousa, Attorney at Law

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